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About Us

Building up Confidence One Session at a Time

You've Got This tutoring is an online tutoring service that creates a customized learning plan for students based on their learning style and individual needs. We understand that there are levels to this learning thing, so we ensure that we care for the whole student. Which really means that we help build our students confidence and assist them in setting goals during their tutoring sessions.

Unlike your traditional tutoring service our one to one tutoring sessions are motivational, academically enriching and personalized for each student.

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Our Methodology

Confidence builds the foundation of excellence, which is why we focus so heavily on it at YGT. We believe when a child is confident they can accomplish and defeat anything that attempts to come against them.  We follow these 3 step framework to help our students master all of their objectives.

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We find out our students Math and ELA level

It's important to meet our students where they are at. Therefore, it is important that we provide our students with a diagnostic assessment to see what their overall math and ELA level actually are.

We create a Personalized Curriculum for each student

From the information we receive from the diagnostic assessment, we then create a personalized curriculum to assist them in raising up their weaknesses and building up their strengths. 

We help Build up Personal and Academic Confidence

Our tutors act as mentors and role models to our students. They help theirs  set personal & academic goals & end up building very strong bonds with one another. This encourages our students to love and enjoy their tutoring sessions. 

What sets us apart?

1. Our tutors build personal relationships with their students. They empower their tutees to excel in school and beyond. Inevitably fostering a life long partnership between the two.

2. Each students curriculum is different. We utilize fun interactive online learning tools based on that students personality and areas of interest.

3. We help our students become less intimidated by what the subjects they once thought were challenging. 

 We pride ourselves in our ability to build amazing tutor to tutee bonds and to provide a supportive environment that sets our students up to thrive in all aspects of their life.  

You've Got This Tutoring has been a local, trusted name for help with reading comprehension.


Our trained ELA tutors specialize in helping students read and understand challenging texts by analyzing word choices, understanding the text's context, and synthesizing ideas from different sources to create a deeper knowledge of what is being read.

We understand the frustration of not being able to help your children with their homework.


That’s why we created You Got This! Tutoring, an online tutoring company that helps students learn math at their own pace and level. We are proud to say our students have seen an average increase of 2-4 points on their grade within just one month!

Do you have a child that’s struggling in math?

Is your child struggling in ELA?

Elementary & Middle School Students

We specifically focus on Math and ELA instruction. Inquire with us if there is another subject your child needs the support in. We may be able to assist with that as well. 


Personalized Curriculum

From our diagnostic assessment, we are able to see each students current Math and ELA level. We use this data to create a personalized learning plan for each student.


Building Personal and Academic Confidence

Assisting our students in building confidence is what creates the life changing transformation that we see at YGT.

Tasya Clarke is a youth advocate, educator, entrepreneur, and doctoral candidate who is on a mission to implement more social-emotional components within educational institutions. In 2020, she began an online tutoring company, You’ve Got This Tutoring, with the methodology of caring for the whole child and not solely on academics. Due to her experiences and through educational research she is aware that there are several factors as to why a student may not succeed in school, that have nothing to do with them not cognitively being able to understand. First and for most are their most basic needs being met? How do they feel about themselves and their abilities? Also, are they just having a rough week? Many times educational institutions don’t takes these into account and school becomes extremely transactional. YGT was her solution to this. 

Overall, Tasya hopes to inspire the youth and young adults to step into their authenticity and seek purpose in all they choose to do. Knowing that they can do anything by being true to themselves, believing in their abilities, and by constantly educating themselves. 

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